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Welcome to Travers Travels!

Hi and welcome to my travel blog where you will find content focused on safety, culture, adventure, working abroad, travel guides, itineraries and exceptional photography!

For those of you who are new to my site, this page will help you become familiar with me and my blog, hopefully I can help spark that passion inside of you to get out and explore this amazing world! 

Just below you will find featured posts from my blog, these are the posts in which the majority of my readers seem to enjoy and find the most helpful. 

"The Road is there. It will always be there, you just have to decide when to take it"


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About Alan

Hi, my name is Alan, I'm just a regular Irish guy that is passionate about travelling, photography, adventure, culture, food, and everything else in between!

I decided I wanted to do something different with my life, so after years of working hard, graduating college and doing the 9 to 5 I had enough, so I quit my job packed my things and left Ireland with little or nothing in 2018.

For my first adventure, I couldn't have chosen a further destination away from home! I began my journey with a visit to the United States, where I spent some months, this wasn't long-lived, as after a short period of only three months in Chicago I had decided to take my trip on down to Mexico City, where I have since settled.

Here are some quick things about myself, to help you understand what me and this website are all about!

Travers Travels is an independently run travel site by myself, the site was created to help fulfill my goal of sharing information and providing travellers/expats with insights into new cultures/experiences and what living life abroad in a foreign country is actually like.

The information found here ranges from travel safety to tourist hotspots with everything else in between like photography, adventure, culture, history, exploration, food and life abroad.

You will find travel guides, itineraries, personal stories, safety advice, tips for travelling smarter and the occasional rant about political situations in developing countries.

I welcome questions, comments and feedback, so feel free to reach out and contact me, if you would like some advice or just want to send a friendly message, don't hesitate to do so!

I hope you stick around and enjoy the content.

About Me
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