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Is Los Cabos Safe? A Gringo's Guide!

With Mexico proving itself to be more and more dangerous with each passing year, one could question, is it safe? or even worth it to travel to Cabo San Lucas at this moment in time.

There is no doubt that even with the increasing crime rates and homicides in the country that there is continuing growth in visitors to some of Mexico's more tropical and traveller friendly areas, especially Cabo.

Cabo is very easily accessible for travellers visiting from the United States of America and proves to be quite popular with the younger crowd during spring break, where many students will travel to the popular resort town for a weekend of partying and heavy drinking.

If you have made a plan or happen to be thinking of making a trip to Cabo in the coming months or days, here is everything you need to know about the current safety situation in the city!

Is It Safe For Tourists To Visit Cabo?

Yes Absolutely! There is no doubt in my mind that this beautiful resort town is safe for tourists to visit, and while one might argue that the crime and homicide statistics might say otherwise, the data is not completely accurate as in regards to crimes and homicides that have happened in the city that also involve innocent bystanders and tourists.

The majority of the crime happening in this resort town and in the rest of the country for that matter is mostly gang-related!

There is a particularly high homicide rate in Cabo but if you take a closer look, you will see that there are very few incidents involving tourists or bystanders, not to say that incidents don't happen, because they do, but it's just not nearly as bad or as often as the mainstream media would like you to believe.

The truth of the matter is that mainstream media's love to catch your attention, they'll do anything to get the viewers in, a little lie here and another there soon enough you become so far from the truth that you can hardly even tell what's real and not.

What Are Your Chances Of Falling Victim To A Crime?

That entirely depends on you! If you want to take up the role of dumb drunk tourist, your chances are probably a lot higher than you might like them to be.

Now, this is not to say that you cant go out and have a good time, because of course you can! If you intend on going out to get smashed drunk, just make sure to keep to yourself and friends or family.

It really does only take a little bit of common sense and you can save yourself a great deal of trouble, and if you think this is a dealbreaker, then you seriously need to reconsider traveling anywhere, because no matter where you are in this big bad world, there will always be criminals looking to take advantage of you!

But if you can accept that, and do take the responsibility upon yourself to make sure you stay safe, I would say your chances of falling victim to a crime are very slim.

Is It Safe To Go Out At Night In Cabo?

Yes and no! Generally speaking, Cabo is a tourist destination that is renowned for its nightlife, the main streets do be sprawling with tourists day and night, so one might think how could it not be safe.

The thing is that the night draws out all things dark and twisted, if you find yourself wandering in the early morning hours with no particular destination in mind, you may just find yourself in a spot of bother.

I wouldn't go exploring late at night, it's best just to stick to the main strip, and when you finish up, be sure to take an Uber or Taxi back to your accommodation, best just to stay safe!

Increased Police Patrols And Extra Security

The Mexican government knows that Cabo San Lucas is very much an Americanized city, by all means, they know that they have a lot of responsibility on their hands, hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to this area of Mexico every year.

There do be constant patrols along all of the high streets, you won't have to look very far if you require some assistance from the local authorities.

Also because of this, there does be a limited amount of gang-related activity happening in this area, and although there may be some criminals and gangs hanging about, you can be sure that the majority of shady activities happen in more poverty-stricken areas, or just outside of the city centre.

Is It Even Worth Visiting?

I mean this picture pretty much answers the question, but If you were even considering visiting this small beautiful area of Mexico, I highly recommend that you do visit, if you were just concerned about the dangers or risks involved with visiting, there really is no need to worry, as I've previously mentioned, this is very much an Americanized city with heightened security measures in place.

There is pretty much something for everyone in Los Cabos, but if you are not the drinking or partying type, I strongly recommend not visiting around March, as there tend to be thousands of young college students flocking to the area for spring break, planning and hoping to get out of their minds on drink, drugs, sex and everything else they'd soon forget!

If you are looking for something with a little more tradition and culture that is not quite as Americanized as Los Cabos, I recommend you look into visiting, Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa, these are two other tourist hotspots along the coast of Mexico that provide its visitors with a more charming and laid back way of holidaying, but yet still leave you with the option of drinking and partying if that's what you'd like, either way, you can't go wrong.

Tips On How To Stay Safe During Your Visit!

Once you arrive at your hotel, resort or accommodation, stay there like your life depends on it! Don't go anywhere for anything! Just Kidding!

I actually somewhat despise the idea of traveling to a foreign country and not getting out to see what the culture and people have to offer, anyways, here are some tips on how to stay safe during your visit.

Be Careful With Taxi's

Taking a taxi is not so much a danger, but the big problem here is that a lot of the cab drivers in this area, and even around the entirety of Cabo for that matter will try to overcharge you, especially if you look like a tourist or foreigner.

Lucky for you that it's easily avoidable, make sure to agree on the price before you take a journey, and if the driver tells you it's only by the meter you need to leave the cab and politely decline, taxi's in Cabo do not go by the meter.

Blend In A Little

This one is more of an obvious one, but try your best not to make yourself a target, I mean if you are walking around a foreign country with flashy jewelry on and an expensive camera around your neck, you are just asking for trouble, especially if you are using public transport.

I'm not saying to look like a local, as for most I'm sure that would be impossible, but just be mindful of the little things, like carrying around expensive items in hand, and look like you actually know where you are going, which brings me on to my next tip.

Know Where You Are Going

I understand this is easier said than done, especially when in a foreign place that you may or may not have never been to before, and generally speaking it's good to explore, get out and be adventurous, widen your horizons and all that, but just take extra care doing so here, especially come the night.

Some area's around this city can be very dangerous, more particularly outside of the tourist zones, so just be sure that you aren't putting yourself in any danger for unnecessary reasons.

Pay With Card

This is such an easy one, there are very few reasons for you to be carrying around a bundle of cash, or even stashing some in the hotel room, having a small amount of cash on hand is understandable, but it's so much safer to pay with card.

If you happen to be unlucky enough to fall victim to a robbery or pickpocket, at least you won't have too much cash on you to hand over, these are two extreme examples, but better safe than sorry!

What Not To Do In Cabo!

It is not okay to wander the streets and consume alcohol, and just because you may see this happen from quite frequently, especially during spring break, this does not make it acceptable, remember that this is also a destination in which many families arrive to, drinking in public no matter where you are is mostly illegal anyways, stay mindful and be respectful!

Don't be ignorant and respect the local culture! Although there might be more Americans around than Mexicans, just remember that you are in fact in another country! So respect the land and its people.


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