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Things to do in Prague | Where to Stay | Where to Eat | 2 Day Itinerary!

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Interested in what to do in Prague? I've got you covered for two days in this picturesque city, I have tips about everything from where you should stay, all the way to the best eats in town and the most popular attractions that are worth your precious time!

This city is timeless, it feels somewhat medieval thanks to the amazingly well-preserved architecture and history. I fell in love with this city the first time I arrived, the place felt magical! Maybe it was the blanket of snow I woke up to or the beautiful architecture and history, or perhaps a combination of both, but one thing was for sure, I felt as If I was in a completely different world/time period!

Prague is one of the most walkable cities you'll find throughout Europe, all of the top sights and attractions are well within walking distance of each other. Two days is the perfect amount of time needed to enjoy and experience what this charming city has to show.

Arriving at the City Centre

Prague city centre is located 18 km away from the international airport, it's roughly between a 20 and 25 minute drive by car, however, if you are arriving in Prague by train, you have the convenience of arriving at Prague Hlavni station which is located only 15 minutes walking to the old town in the city centre.

If you are planning a European Adventure, make sure to check the train routes to and from the different cities that you intend to visit, sometimes it's much more convenient for you to travel by train than flying around Europe. Research the various transportation methods, if you do it right, you can save yourself, cash, time and make that journey that much more enjoyable!

You don't have many choices to choose from when trying to arrive at the city centre from the airport, the three main ways to reach to the city centre are via Bus, Taxi and private transfer, The cost and travel time of all are listed below.


When it comes to picking the bus, there are quite a few different options for you to choose from, you need to select the correct one for you. The most common bus being the public 119, for tourists and first-timers in Prague, don't take this bus! Pickpockets operate on this bus regularly, your just setting yourself up for a bad holiday. I'll recommend some other options just below.


This company has buses every 30 minutes too and from Prague Airport to City Centre.

Cost = 5 Euro (120 czk)

Duration = 25 -30 Minutes

Airport Shuttle:

Operated by Prague Airport Transfer, they provide private and shared shuttle services.

Cost = 11 Euro (285 czk)

Duration = 25 -30 Minutes


I never recommend anyone take a taxi from any airport in the world, unless it's necessary to do so. Prague is no different, in fact, I would advise taking extra caution here as it is known that the taxi drivers in Prague are notoriously famous for overcharging and cheating customers, so much so that police officers have set up sting operations to try and catch the cheaters, but not to much avail as the problem still persists today.

It is more common at the airport that you will find these kinds of scams, just know from the airport to the city centre is roughly 600 czk or 700 czk with heavy traffic, no more than that! If the driver asks for more, consider it a red flag that he is trying to rip you off.

Cost = 23 - 28 Euro (600 - 700 czk)

Duration = 25 Minutes

Prague Airport Transfer

A private taxi service based in the airport, similar to that of a regular taxi only more professional, reliable and cheaper, you can choose the car or minibus you like online and book instantly without any hassle.

Cost = 20 - 25 Euro (513 - 640 czk)

Duration = 25 Minutes

Where to Stay

There are so many fantastic places to stay in this city, you have a huge variety of different kinds of accommodation, there is everything from historic hotels, luxurious high end stays, first-class apartments all the way to local residencies and budget hostels.

It's hard to go wrong, and the truth is that there is so much competition in the mid to high-end hotel market in Prague, that you can actually stay in a luxurious or boutique hotel for much cheaper than most cities throughout Europe.

Smetana is such a fantastic hotel, usually from 200 euros per night, but absolutely worth it! This hotel is very unique and one that would be very difficult to forget any time soon. It's ideally situated only a one-minute walk from Charles bridge and 5 minutes to the lively old town.

Sophies Hostel is an excellent choice for those looking to travel on the cheap, the hostel has apartments, rooms and dorms from which you can choose, there is also a great little bar/cafe that is very charming and is a must visit or a beer or two!

How to Get Around

Walking! This city is so small, in fact, I would argue this is easily one of the most walkable cities in all of Europe, if you started in the old town square, you could find everything from landmarks, museums, restaurants, hotels and any attraction in this city at the very most a 30 minute walk away.

Walking is also the best way you are going to experience this city, forget the map or the plan for a couple of hours and just explore these amazing medieval cobblestoned streets! There are interesting things to be uncovered around every corner, you have a fantastic opportunity to let your heart roam free!

Where to Eat

Roaming the cobblestoned streets of Prague you will find many unique, cosy and charming places to eat, there are also some great bars with live music, so keep your eyes peeled.

McCarthy's Irish bar, I'm an Irish guy recommending an Irish bar! Although I know how it may look, an Irish guy talking about an Irish bar but the truth is, this establishment has some really delicious food and excellent live music! For the cost of food and drink, you really do get great value for money with the added benefit of some free entertainment.

Café Savoy is a must visit! The food was amazing, they serve up classic Czech and French dishes, this was by far one of the best places I have eaten in not only Prague but in all of Europe! Just beware they do allow pets in the restaurant, for some this might be a no no, I definitely didn't like the dog sitting next to me but the food, atmosphere and service more than made up for it.

U Zlateho Tygra is a legendary beer hall that is beloved amongst the locals, I was disappointed to see so many negative reviews about the place because my experience was the total opposite, the staff were friendly and welcoming, the place was fully packed, but they managed to squeeze my girlfriend and me in. I would recommend visiting as the beer was great and it's one of very few truly traditional Czech places to eat and drink in the city.

Sad Man's Tongue Bar & Bistro is less traditional than the previous mentions, but this eatery has a vast menu generally consisting of international and European eats, the burger was so juicy and mouthwatering! It makes me hungry just thinking about it, it's an affordable option with great food and beer.

Mlejnice, in the old town, this very rustic restaurant has some of the most delicious local food you can find. Try the ham hock, this is one to definitely get the juices flowing, this giant piece of meat could feed two if need be.

Things to Do

Charles Bridge

You should definitely go for a walk on Charles Bridge this is one of the most memorable things you will do in Prague, this stunning 13th-century gothic bridge makes a lasting impression and provides some beautiful views of the Vltava river.

If you are visiting in November/December, you might get lucky and witness some snowfall in this medieval-like town, the bridge and the rest of the city becomes somewhat majestic!

Visit the famous Prague Astronomical Clock

This historically significant clock is located at the old town hall, make sure to hang around and watch the clock strike an hour, you'll be presented with an extremely old and ornate show. The clock itself is a wonder! It has been well managed and kept as it has been around for six centuries and continues to tell the time.

Explore the Charming Cobblestoned Streets of the Old Town​

Hang around the old town for the evening and explore some of the most charming streets in all of Europe. Keep your eyes peeled for the 7-foot man, this is a unique piece of art that has been featured all over Europe, and is now back home in Prague, it looks like a man dangling from a rooftop, some people have gone as far to call the police as it is often confused with a man trying to commit suicide.

Take a Tour of Prague Castle

Rise early and visit Prague Castle, this is one of the most popular tourist attractions you will come across in Prague, there does be tremendous amounts of crowds and tours happening. Arrive at 8.30, 30 minutes before opening 'make sure to check the opening time because it's possible to change' if you arrive 30 minutes early you'll notice crowds slowly start to build up, but thankfully you'll be one of the first in the door.

Prague Castle is enormous in fact, it's the biggest castle complex in all of the world, so prepare to spend at least two to three hours exploring its massive grounds. Some notable places worth seeing within the castle's grounds are St Johns Cathedral and the golden lane.

Visit the Prague Beer Museum

Prague claims to serve some of the best beer the world has to offer, so why not judge for yourself, this beer museum will allow you to taste some of the finest pilsner and ale that the city has on tap. You can find the museum on the opposite side of the river from the old town, only 5 minutes walking from the astronomical clock

Take a Boat Tour of the Vltava

This is an amazing experience to be had. There are tons of different tours you can take, I chose the JazzBoat myself, if your a couple looking for a romantic time, this is definitely the way to do it, they provide Jazz music throughout the tour while providing you with a three-course meal, if you opt for that package.

The Jewish quarter (Josefov)

Located between the Old Town Square and the Vltava River. The Jewish Ghetto began in the 13th century when Jewish people were forced to move and settle here in this small area. This area of town has some really tragic histories behind it, fortunately there are multiple tours you can take to explore the still standing original homes and buildings, there is also a Jewish Museum in which can find some artefacts and continue to learn more about this historically significant area.

Best Drinks in Town

​There are some great bars throughout the city, but you should hang around the old town so you can pass between the bars and clubs as you like. Anonymous is a great cocktail bar providing a very unique experience in comparison with other cocktail bars in the area, this is easily one of the better cocktail bars I have been to in all of Europe.

You have to visit Absintherie, the one in jílská. This is a traditional local bar providing you with a wide range of choice to try one of Europe's most notorious drinks, Absinthe. You can have it served up in a cocktail or traditional style, the classic is a must, I can't even imagine visiting this bar and not having it served up traditional, one or two drinks is definitely enough to have you feeling a buzz.


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