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Things to do in Acapulco | 3 Day Itinerary!

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

So I've recently made a visit to one of Mexico's famous golden age cities and written about it, I've talked about the safety concerns in the city and also created the perfect travel guide for anyone interested in knowing more about the city, you can find both articles right here:

With the information I've previously talked about, it should be more than enough to prepare you for your upcoming visit to Acapulco, but this here is for those of you who would like to know that much more and create that perfect plan, so here are some of the best things that you can do and how exactly I would spend three days in Acapulco.

Día Número Uno

This itinerary starts off assuming that you have arrived early to the city and already have checked into your hotel/resort and are now ready to get out and explore the town.

Just because it's the first day, I don't like to go too crazy, for me it's all about getting a feel for the city, It's great just rambling the city or neighborhood that you are staying in, looking out for the trendy bars, cheap restaurants, and the tourist hotspots.

I would spend an hour or so doing this in the morning, but keeping my eyes peeled for a nice place to sit down and have lunch/breakfast in the city.

Have A Traditional Breakfast/Lunch

In not only Acapulco but the entirety of Mexico, you are never far from delicious traditional cuisine, and that is a fact!

The country is famous for its wide variety of colorful dishes, and there is no better way for you to rejuvenate yourself other than having a great full, hearty breakfast that is sure to keep you going all day.

There are quite a few restaurants located along the beachfront, most of which are pretty decent, but one place worth checking out is El Chinchorro, which is located on the west end of the city, right along the beachfront on Av Costera Miguel Alemán.

This is one of the more affordable beachfront restaurants around, the food is delicious all day long, whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

It is primarily a seafood restaurant, but they do serve up many traditional foods such as mole, sopes and tacos, if you are heading there for a bite in the morning, I highly recommend the chilaquiles in red and green salsa!

Explore One Of The Most Treasured Sites In Acapulco

San Diego Fort is less than a 10-minute walk from the restaurant that I just told you about. It's a highly popular choice amongst tourists, and well worth your time to check out, this place has some incredible history, that I've detailed a little more in my Acapulco travel guide.

If you go early in the afternoon during the week, the place shouldn't be too crowded, as most of its visitors tend to arrive on Sunday when it is free to take a tour of the historic site and museum.

The cost is only $30 pesos during regular days, and it's well worth paying, even if it is just to dodge the crowds of tourists.

Watch The Cliff Divers At La Quebrada

If you time it right you could end up here to watch one of Acapulco's most famous attractions, cliff divers have been putting on shows here since the early part of the 20th century, and people still flock here to this day to witness the exhilarating spectacle.

I've made this itinerary to conveniently put you within walking distance of everything you should see and do in your first day exploring the city, so once again you will find yourself only having to walk no more than 10-minutes from the historical San Diego Fort to La Quebrada.

If you don't make it there for 1 p.m the next show doesn't start until 7.30 p.m, and after that shows happen on the hour until everything finishes up at 11.30 p.m.

Visit Diego Rivera's Famous Mural

If you have just finished watching the cliff divers at La Quebrada, you aren't too far from this famous mural, which is also situated on the west side of Acapulco, it is somewhat tricky to get to though and the walk could take 40 minutes or more depending on you and your companions fitness levels, a shuttle bus or taxi is recommended.

Diego Rivera is a famous Mexican artist known for creating many works of art/murals throughout Mexico City and the country after the Mexican revolution, many of his works of art were often propaganda pieces commissioned by the government, murals were created in order to inspire, unite and depict scenes of Mexican life, you can read more about Diego Rivera and Mexican Art right here.

Go For A Beachfront Walk

So by you have now explored the town or your local neighborhood, seen what's on offer, had a nice breakfast, visited a museum, seen a show and witnessed a famous piece of art, if that's not a great first day so far I don't know what is!

You should head back the way you came and take a stroll along the beach, it's a great way to see it all, this is where you will take notice of the hotels, restaurants, bars, attractions, monuments and pretty much everything else worth seeing or doing in the city. Everything and anything here in Acapulco is pretty much centered around the beaches.

Dinner & Drinks At Bocana Beach Papagayo

Like I said before, you are never far from delicious food anywhere in Mexico, so if you are taking a stroll along the beachfront, keep your eyes peeled for a place that tickles your fancy, there are plenty of options, but try not to stop of at the first place you see, there are some restaurants here that are vastly superior to others, both in terms of cost and food quality.

I highly recommend that you visit Bocana Beach Papagayo which once again is not too far from where you are if you did choose to come back and take a walk along the beautiful coastline.

This is another one of those value eats in Acapulco, they serve up some of the most delicious, freshest seafood you that you will ever have! Not only is the food, location, and price exceptional, but the place also has an outstanding atmosphere!

Día Número Dos

If the first day wasn't exciting enough, day number two is definitely going to be a treat! After the first day of rambling and exploring the city, day number 2 should be a day to chill out, relax, have a beer and maybe get involved in some water sports or activities.

Breakfast At Restaurant Poseidón

If you are not having breakfast at your resort or hotel, restaurant Poseidón is a great place to check out, especially as it is located right beside the dock where you will be taking the water ferry or taxi for your next great adventure in Acapulco.

This is another seafood restaurant serving up delicious Mexican cuisines that is also similar to other places as you are not only limited to seafood here, a lot of the dishes served up are also traditional Mexican classics like tacos, pozole, mole, and chilaquiles. It's a local favorite that won't break the bank!

Go Snorkeling On La Roqueta Island

Passenger ferries and taxi boats regularly make the trip from Playa Caleta to the island, it's rather inexpensive only costing $50 pesos per person.

While I highly recommend that you take a trip to this small tropical island, it can and very often does be overcrowded, if you are not going to visit in the morning then don't bother visiting at all, the trip would be more a pain if anything else.

On the island you have a plethora of different of activities to choose from, my favorite thing to do here is snorkeling, as it is one of the cheaper more enjoyable activities to do while on the island.

There are two reefs on the small island, you can choose one or explore both of them if you are feeling up for it.

You should spend two to three hours on the island in the morning at most! If you leave around 12 or 1 pm you will be leaving just as the crowds start to arrive.

A Day At The Beach

I don't care what anyone has told you about the beaches in Acapulco, the fact is that Playa Pie de la Cuesta is by far, without a doubt in my mind the best beach in Acapulco!

After an early start today and a somewhat eventful first day, a rest is well needed, what better way to take a rest other than by spending the day at the beach, this location is ideal for many reasons!

It has far fewer people, beautiful waters, perfect sandy shores and plenty of beach bars around for you to enjoy a beer or two. This is a must-visit if you plan on spending the day or even a few hours on the beach.

It's located just outside of the city, roughly a 30-minute drive in a taxi or shuttle, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $130 pesos, depending on how you travel.

Dinner At La Cabaña De Caleta

You should be heading back to the city sometime in the afternoon, and after a long day of exploring, snorkeling and drinking at the beach, some food is much needed at this point, you should head towards the old town in Acapulco and look for La Cabaña De Caleta.

This is another great budget eat back in the old town! Once again we find ourselves dining at a seafood restaurant, but to be fair they do serve up some delicious Mexican food, and it can also be quite difficult find a restaurant in this town that isn't primarily a seafood one.

This restaurant is perfectly situated in the old town, along the beachfront overlooking the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific, spending an hour here late in the evening, catching the sunset over the Pacific is a memorable visit to say the least.

Día Número Tres

This is the last day of my three day Itinerary, so let's make this holiday finish on a special note!

Explore The Zócalo Area

We can kick things of by exploring the town a little more, the Zócalo Area is a special place, as it will give you a small look at the life of Acapulco's residents.

In this small area of the city, you will find plenty of local businesses, cozy restaurants/cafes, a gazebo and the famous Lady of Solitude Cathedral.

You should spend an hour or so rambling around the area getting a feel for the place and people.

Breakfast/Lunch In Mi Piaci

This is a great Italian themed restaurant located in the Zócalo area, that serves up a mix of Italian, Mexican and American foods, if you happen to come across it during your little ramble in the area, I recommend that you stop by for a small bite to eat, only a small bite!

Vist Our Lady Of Solitude Cathedral

The cathedral is located right behind Plaza Álvarez (the zócalo), and is famous for many reasons, but mostly due to its unique architectural design which inspired from mosques and Byzantine towers from that time period, inside of the cathedral it's very traditional and reminiscent of other catholic places of worship at the time also, its interior design is very minimal with walls of white, blue and gold.

This is a highly visited religious site by both tourists and Acapulco's residents, masses still do regularly take place here, It's worth visiting if you are in the area, whether you are catholic or not, it's not really important, one can just admire the building and appreciate it's value to the local community.

Take In The Stunning Views At Capilla De La Paz

Once again we find ourselves visiting another special place of worship in the city, but to be fair, this location is much more picturesque and scenic than the previous cathedral visit.

We need to travel to the opposite side of the city and climb the hill passing into Las Brisas, this is about a 30-minute ride in a taxi or shuttle, but is well worth doing as we will be finishing up the rest of the day over this side of the city.

Once you arrive you will need to provide some identification for you to pass into Las Brisas, after which you can then proceed to visit Capilla de la Paz, which has the most spectacular views over the city of Acapulco.

Dine At Becco Al Mare

Once you have finished up at Capilla de la Paz you should visit Becco al Mare, which is just 5-minutes back down the hill.

Do you remember earlier when I said you should have a small bite to eat, well it was for this reason! This is going to be one of the highlights of the entire trip, and most certainly the best food you will have eaten during your stay in Acapulco.

This restaurant is a fine dining experience, and probably one of the most expensive restaurants in the entire city, but it is well worth it!

If you thought the building itself looked amazing, wait until you try the food and wine, the whole restaurant is Italian inspired, so you have a little break from all of that Mexican food you have been eating all holiday.

Sit back, relax, enjoy the delicious food and the stunning views over the city, it is an incredible experience that is worth every penny if you ask me.

Go Dancing In Palladium

So this is it, the end of the road, the last stop in our Acapulco itinerary, and there is no better place I can think of for you to finish up other than at the Palladium!

Drink and dance the night away until the early hours of the morning, let's hope you booked a late flight home because this should be one hell of a night.

The cost of entry is a little more expensive than other places around, you can expect to pay $500 pesos per person, but the entry fee does include free drinks all night, which could work in your favor depending on how well you handle your alcohol.

If you arrive for the opening hour around 11 pm, you will be among the first there and can snag yourself a seat by the window overlooking Acapulco City.

To Finish

So there you have it! I've covered pretty much everything and anything you need to know about Acapulco for your upcoming trip, I hope that you found this Itinerary and guide for the best things to do in Acapulco useful.

Feel free to let me know what you think or share your experiences with me either through Pinterest, Instagram or you can reach out to me here directly on the site, have a safe trip!


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