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7 Smart ways to Travel and Make Money | That Actually Work!

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

So you have seen those documentaries on Digital Nomads or read about the people earning millions of dollars from home, now you want that lifestyle too? While it might prove difficult for you to break through the noise and make millions, you can definitely have your piece of the pie! you can create some side hustles and new cash streams through different online ventures.

I'm here tell you about 7 different opportunities available to you now so you can start working online from home or wherever it is you may be, be sure to check out number 7 as I will explain how it's possible you could make thousands if not millions in Passive Income!

If you are hoping or looking for that get rich quick scheme, I'm sorry to disappoint, but you won't find it here. If you want a job, the freedom to work independently, then continue reading.

1. Teaching English Online

This is by far one of the easiest ways to get a steady stream of cash flowing into your bank! A lot of people don't realize that there is a continually growing need for more teachers! There are thousands upon thousands of online jobs out there for teaching English, and the truth is that it has never been so easy to teach!

Because of various platforms and services online, there is such a high demand for online teachers, now more so than ever. There is a lot of money to be made by teaching English online, so why don't join the thousands of other people taking advantage of this work from home opportunity.

If you think that your not a teacher, and you don't have any qualifications to do such a job, you couldn't be more wrong, firstly everyone has something they can teach! secondly what could be more easy to teach than your native language? It's a no brainer.

The primary and most important requirement for teaching online is that you have to be a native English speaker, sometimes companies require more like a degree or some educational background, but this is not absolutely necessary.

Here are three different companies that will employ you to teach English online from home.


This is a great company and first on the list because I found this to pay more than the others with fewer requirements to start working. The company has currently 50,000 employees and over 500,000 students, so you can see the demand is there, they need more teachers to cover the number of students.

With SayAbc you'll be teaching English to Chinese children over the internet through their software. You'll be teaching at a beginner level so, it's mostly through associating words with gestures and body language, it's a job that anyone can do, you only have to be friendly and good with kids. With flexibility and an excellent salary, it's a very lucrative opportunity for most people.

The pay rate is very competitive, the basic rate is usually around 21 USD per hour, but you can actually make a lot more than that, for every conversion you make (Child Subscribes) you get bonuses, which is nearly 90% of the time! You also have the choice to work on call as some of the teachers may miss a class from time to time, if I was to add everything up, you could make a possible 36 USD per hour.


This is another excellent company to work for with lots of opportunities available. They employ thousands from all over the world. There are various positions open as they provide other kinds of classes and are not only limited to teaching English.

If you're interested in teaching something other than English make sure to check out the company, but for this article, I'll only be talking about teaching English.

Okay, so this job is quite a bit different from teaching with SayABC, Itutorgroup is one of the few companies providing online lessons to Chinese adults, there's a big difference in the level of comprehension, so some experience in teaching is necessary for this job.

On top of the experience needed the company also requires that you have the TESOL or TEFL certificate, these are certificates that have become the global standard for teaching English. Once obtained, the documents prove your ability to teach English at an advanced level.

The pay rate isn't quite the same as SayAbc either, your location and experience determine the basic rate. They say you can earn up to 24 USD per hour, but in my experience, this number doesn't seem accurate, you can aim to achieve anywhere between 9 and 14 USD per hour, which isn't too bad considering your working from home.


This company is quite similar to SayAbc, DaDa provides online English classes to Chinese kids, and the demand is huge! Between SayAbc and DaDa they are practically giving away jobs as they need employees to balance the teacher to student ratio. To work for DaDa you need to have a bachelor's degree and be a native English speaker. If you have the TEFL or TESOL, it's helpful but not necessary.

The basic rate for teaching with DaDa is 15 USD per hour, and you can earn up to a possible 24 USD. The starting rate entirely depends on your interview and your TPR (Total Physical Response), practice hard for your interview and you can land a bigger salary.

2. Freelance Writing

This is an excellent way of making money from home, especially if you are the writing type! As I said before, you don't actually need to have any experience in writing or literature, in fact, most of the opportunities I'm going to tell you about require absolutely no experience.

I can tell you now, I am by no means a professional writer, I'm nothing near the sort. I write mediocre content all of the time, the only thing is, I'm constantly working on getting better and slowly but surely my content is improving. When I started freelance writing, I had no previous experience whatsoever, and I still managed to get gigs.

Freelance writing has excellent potential to make you a lot of money from home, just like teaching English, you can stay at home, choose your hours and work when you please, so if you love writing or just want some extra cash, don't pass on this opportunity.


This is a website you need to check out, specifically the Job board. The job board is where you will find companies, entrepreneurs, business owners, and bloggers posting jobs, looking for people who can write articles for them.

Every job is different, one person may be looking for someone to write regularly about topics on Global Warming, while another person or company may be looking for one or two articles on Instagram Selfies.

The pay rate is also dependant on the subject matter and type of position available, but you could roughly expect to make around 60 USD per 1500 words. How much money you make is entirely dependant on how fast you can produce quality content.

Some other websites out there that are posting job listings or are in the process of looking for freelance writers are listed just below. A good tip for while you are looking for work is to make a Fiverr account and advertise your services, you could possibly make some clients through this platform during your search. You can check out ProBlogger right here, I'll also link to the other recommended sites just below.

  • BloggingPro

  • Morning Coffee Newsletter

  • MediaBistro

  • FlexJobs

3. Moderator

ModSquad is another excellent company out there that hires people globally to work from home. They describe themselves as digital engagement specialists.

This company offers services such as customer support, moderation, social media strategy and tons of other digital engagement services. They have a massive list of big-name clientele including Sony, Nickelodeon, EA, Activision, Warner Bros, ABC, Beats and loads more.

They are constantly looking for new staff as the business is booming, the company is growing significantly and showing no signs of stopping, this is an excellent opportunity for you to take advantage of, especially if you are the kind of person that has tons of social media accounts and loves interacting online with others.

I don't and have never worked in this area or for this company, but from my research and what I have heard, it seems to be a great company to work for with a lot of benefits.

For most people, they tend to get contract work as moderators, which pays about 10 USD per hour, they do also have career opportunities available, but you will need some experience to land a career with this company. The salary range is between 46k and 70k USD. Depending on which position you get, they also will send you a laptop to work with and a bonus of 500 USD to get your home office started.

Everything is online, so you have nothing to lose by applying. You can check it out right here.

4. Product Testing

This job is so simple my 10-year-old brother could do it! Although the work is elementary, it can be challenging to make a lot of money, but also become quite lucrative if done correctly!

Basically, you have test some service, application or platform online, during the testing you need to explain (speak to your computer or phone) what it is you are seeing, what you like and what you don't like, it's that simple! The whole idea is that the developer or company of said app or service gets an Idea of what the general public reaction may be before launch.

Some websites differ from others, but in general, it's straightforward, the company hiring you will provide you with everything you need to know on how to test the product.

There usually is a checklist for you to go through, and you complete one task at a time until the testing is finished. Typical tasks are often the simplest, look for this product, find the contact page, do you like the design and can you give some feedback and so on.

The pay differs from one company to the next, TestingTime is a German company that pays 50 euro per hour, and UserTesting is an American company that pays 10 USD per 10 or 15-minute test.

While the two previous companies may have near the same rate if you add it up per hour, it doesn't quite work out that way, as tests can be scarce, with UserTesting I usually get between 1-3 test per week and with TestingTime 1 per month if I'm lucky.

If this is how you want to make some extra cash, it can be a great way to do so, but you have to sign up for every site you can find, with some research and work you could realistically make a decent salary if you do user testing for 10 to 15 different sites.

Here is a list of some sites providing this kind of work, I suggest you sign up for each and every one of them for increasing your odds of getting tests (more money).

  • TestingTime

  • UserTesting

  • UserFeel

  • TryMyUI

  • IntelliZoom

  • UserLytics

5. Internet Analyst

Though being an Internet Analyst may sound somewhat difficult, it really is no different to the other opportunities mentioned here today. Yes, the job will be somewhat technical, but you wouldn't be searching for online jobs if you didn't know the basics of a computer? Right.

This is something that could very quickly be learned in a day or two, it's like riding a bike, once you know the process, it doesn't change, it's repeat, repeat, repeat!

The different tasks that you may have to perform include things like giving feedback on search results, advertisements, and web page content, it's that simple!

Some companies like Appen have specific requirements and syntax that you may need to follow, but in the end the job is very easy for anyone to learn that has a little bit of knowledge on how to use and operate different search engines.

This job is in high demand as your input is beneficial to technology companies to understand how people see and interact with the different aspects of the web, through the research and reporting you will do, greatly helps companies develop smarter, better content for consumers to engage with.

Jobs like this are continually popping up across the web, and you can expect to make anywhere between 10 to 15 USD per hour, depending on which company you work with. You can search, Search Engine Evaluator or Internet Analyst on a Job platform such as Indeed or Flex Jobs to see what's new.

Two companies hiring people globally to work from home as Internet Analysts at this moment are Appen and Wonder.

6. Sell Your Services

Why don't you work for yourself? This and the next opportunity mentioned are two that will empower you to work for yourself! You should work hard for you and no one else, to make those dreams of travelling the world come true! If done correctly, both this and the next option can drastically change your life.

As for selling your services, I recommend you make an account on Fiverr, everyone has something they can sell!

If you have social media accounts across multiple platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube, you may be considered a social media expert, what is routine for you may prove difficult for someone else, you could manage an account, respond to followers, posts pictures, status updates and take care of an account on a daily or weekly basis.

Got good photoshop skills? You can edit pictures of any kind, there are thousands of people out there looking for someone to edit something for them.

I just mentioned two very broad jobs that you could advertise, but you can advertise anything you like, become a writer, designer, manager, artist, literally anything you feel you are good at and advertise it as a service, get paid for doing something you love!

As previously said, if done correctly, you could make a lot of money fast! Don't shy away and just get started! Nobody is an expert to begin with, after some weeks you will own your talent and can charge what you feel you should be paid accordingly, start cheap and go from there.

7. Start a Blog or Niche Site

The only way you are going to become rich and make the dream of travelling become a lifestyle is by creating content, it's that simple, you need to create excellent, awesome, super-useful content!

Thankfully there are a ton of ways you can do this in the world today, you can create videos, blogs, podcasts, take photos, and choose from hundreds of other ways, create content about something you love and you can't go wrong!

Whether you know it or not, the fact is that you are most likely a content creator already, the only difference between you and me is that you are not getting paid for it. Every time you post a picture, update your status, comment on / share posts, you are creating content!

If your like me and want to do something to change your life I highly recommend that you start a blog or niche site, I always wanted to create videos and be Youtube star, but in truth when I tried, I soon realized that it wasn't for me, so I decided to make this blog.

At the moment of writing this article, I have made exactly 0 USD from this site, but I'm slowly but surely building traffic to make that dream of mine become a reality, if you are thinking back to my previous comment of getting paid for content creation, I have made money working online, creating content, writing, teaching and various other ways, all while I work hard to grow this site.

When choosing what to write about, make sure to choose a topic not too broad as you will get lost in the sea of other blogs, and not too specific that there is no traffic for that topic, you also have to choose something that you love to do or write about, or you will soon become bored with it!

I have always dreamt of travelling the world, and only recently I had decided to do so, I thought why not write about it and try to help people as much as I can, teach them about different cultures and lifestyles, if you do the same and work hard, you can make those dreams come true!


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