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Welcome to Travers Travels, Join me on my Journey to help you find the passion that drives us to explore this magnificent planet we call home.


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About Alan

Hi, my name is Alan, I'm just a regular Irish guy that is passionate about travelling, photography, adventure, culture, food, and everything else in between!

I decided I wanted to do something different with my life, so after years of working hard, graduating college and doing the 9 to 5 I had enough, so I quit my job packed my things and left Ireland with little or nothing in 2018.

For my first adventure, I couldn't have chosen a further destination away from home! I began my journey with a visit to the United States, where I spent some months, this wasn't long-lived, as after a short period of only three months in Chicago I had decided to take my trip on down to Mexico City, where I have since settled...

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